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9 Exciting Things to Do in Krabi Town That Will Thrill Your Heart

You will appreciate Krabi on your holidays in Thailand. Krabi is one of the most enjoyable places on the planet. The region has stunning scenery, beautiful white sandy beaches, a coastline of more than 200 islands, and a jungle-covered interior containing soaring limestone cliffs, caves, and beautiful waterfalls.

Krabi has plenty of great things to see and do. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or have fallen completely under Krabi’s spell and on a repeat trip, here are some best things to do in Krabi destination.

1. Explore Railay Beaches and Caves 

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Railay beach normally makes it to the rundown of the best beaches on the planet. One of the most popular places in Krabi to enjoy a dreamy escape from your life is Railay Beaches and Caves. Railay Beaches and Caves are a sight to behold with serene white sands and beautiful ocean waters. This location creates a vivid view of the enjoyment of life with a variety of lagoons and cliffs that can take your breath away; this spot portrays nature’s creation.

Railay Beaches and Caves are a fun getaway for any of those visitors who love seclusion and want to spend a happy and carefree period with Krabi’s serene vibes. The four beaches of Tonsai, Railay West, Railay East and Ao Phra Nang (Princess Bay), Phra Nang Cave, Diamond Cave (Tham Phra Nang Nai), Sa Phra Nang (Hidden Lagoon), etc. are among the top attractions here.

There are a lot of activities to do on beach – simply laze around, take a stab at shake climbing or find little bays strolling along. Because of its popularity, once the day picks up, the beach can be crowded.

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2. Enjoy the mouth-watering food at Hill Top

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The Hilltop one of the popular restaurants in Krabi, The Hilltop is a must-visit on a vacation there for all the foodies. The site offers a picturesque dining experience as your eyes are met to breathtaking views of the beaches of Ao Nang and Nopharat Thara.

The Ao Nang Hilltop offers excellent Thai cuisine, with local seafood and fresh ingredients, but its best attribute is its panoramic views. The outdoor dining room is the best spot in the house and is at its finest at sunset, perfect for a special occasion, intimate meal or long lunch. The trendy chairs and the bean bags are a perfect place to relax during your dinner.

3. Koh Hong

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Koh Hong is an island off the coast of Krabi. Spend your day on fresh sands and do nothing but lazing. This beautiful group of small islands offers amazing landscapes, gentle white sand beaches, coral reefs, and a nice lagoon.

You can enjoy swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, sunbathing, walking and picnicking. Koh Hong is part of the National than Bok Khorani Park and it’s only open for day visits with no overnight stays allowed.

Koh Hong is also known as the Jurassic era, as it may seem; Touring Koh Hong is one of the sincerely recommended things to do in Krabi.

4. Relax with massages

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There are many small massage shops in Krabi city and the Ao Nang area and most of them have simple treatment rooms and provide traditional Thai, foot and oil massage. Prices are pretty much the same, starting from about 300 to 500 Baht an hour for a regular Thai massage.

Although massage parlors can be found he length and breadth of Thailand, There is something unique about having a relaxing massage with oil and invigorating Thai massage after a day on the beach and wandering around natural beauty areas. There are also luxurious spas where for some good pampering and relaxation, you can book a high-class spa experience.

5. Shop at the night market 

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One of Krabi’s most dazzling retail activities for shopping enthusiasts, the night market can be located in downtown Krabi’s bustling plaza. Providing a snapshot into Thai people’s lifestyle and providing a place for regional craftsmen to highlight their work of art and craftsmanship, Krabi’s night market is where you’ll be intrigued by many things.

This Night market is one of the best places to haggle and get most of the things at reasonable prices for the shopping lovers.


6. Explore the islands 

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One of the best things to do in Krabi is jumping and camping on the island that entertains everything in Krabi. There are various options such as camping throughout Phi Phi Island, Bamboo Island, Hin Klang Island, Ao Nang Bay, and many more. There are unique traveling businesses with their tents, cooking utensils and plans to make the camping experience more convenient and entertaining.

Among the 200-odd islands and islets, you’ll likewise discover lesser-known pristine gems that are incredible for day excursions or fast stop-offs. The two islands of Koh Rok are joined by a coral channel and offer unimaginable swimming, dazzling sands, and amazing perspectives.

The islands typically have no infrastructure, but one can ride with bikes on Phi Phi islands. In these trips, one can indulge and witness dazzling extravagance, supreme comfort, and harmonious environment.

7. Visit the Wat Kaew Temple

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Wat Kaew Temple was built in 1887 as a beautiful Buddhist temple. Wat Kaew Temple is representative of Thai design and architecture with an elegant entry flanked by beautiful golden dragons. The intricately decorated temple boasts of having a single stone carved the Emerald Buddha that is one of Buddha’s most popular images.

You will visit the caves and find lots of symbols and artifacts to gaze at. When you’re in the caves you need to make sure you’re seeing the ‘Buddha’s footprint’, it’s a 1,237-step climb that’s no small task but when you get to the peak you’re met with 360-degree views of the Andaman Sea and the beautiful islands within it.


8. Take a Dip at Klong Thom Hot Springs waterfalls

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Share a fun dip at Klong Thom Hot Springs for relaxing refreshment. Such hot baths are thought to be found in volcanic chambers to cure people of illnesses such as rheumatism and sciatica. Klong Thom Hot Springs is a pure delight in the middle of magnificent rainforests to take a hot plunge and soak up with a soothing feeling in the natural salts.

The water reaches 40 degrees Celsius temperatures and includes natural mineral salts with many healing properties. Here you’ll feel completely comfortable and if you want a nice dip after there’s a lake in which you can do it. The springs are very similar to the Emerald Lake, and mixing the two is worthwhile.

9. Party at Ao Nang beach 

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Ao Nang Beach is one of Krabi’s best venues to party and enjoyment. The lively tourist hotspot is renowned for offering a variety of hotels, cafes, bars, and clubs in Krabi to drive you mad. Ao Nang Beach for its nightlife, along with surfing and sunbathing during the day.

The place reveals another side of itself during the night and charms you with its bars and nightclubs. The most popular spot is Ao Nang Center Point, right on the beach itself, allowing you to spend some exciting time watching the ocean and staying out all night.

Truly, in Krabi, you can enjoy your entire trip and not be bored for a second. Must try these things in Krabi and enjoy your vacation in Krabi.

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