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7 Incredible Glowing Beaches Across the World You Must Visit

Our earth is truly a heaven. It is home to many breathtaking wonders, both explored and unexplored. When a lover says, “I will get stars for you,” it sounds romantic, doesn’t it? But this could be true with some glowing beaches on earth.

Glowing beaches with bright waves are natural wonders on our planet. The charm becomes obvious as darkness falls. The phenomenon is called bioluminescence. It is caused by some light-emitting microorganisms. These beaches appear to be magical places. When you grab the seawater in your hand it feels like you have the stars.

This rare phenomenon could only be witnessed in a few water bodies. Look below to know about all the magical beaches you could visit on your next trip to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Also, look at these 10 must-visit beaches in the United States In Summer.

7 Breathtaking beaches that glow at night

Our world is beyond imagination. Nature and its wonders are unbelievable. Here are some of the magnificent-looking glowing beaches that you would definitely wanna visit once.

1. Manasquan beach, New Jersey

Glowing Beaches Across the world

Manasquan is a small yet beautiful beach, located in New Jersey. When nightfall this beach gives an amazing bioluminescent effect. The best time to visit this alluring place is between July to September.

This beach attracts visitors annually to spend their summers here. Rafting and surfing are also popular activities at Manasquan Beach for visitors. In addition, the amazing red tides, which are visible at night due to red algae, can be observed.

2. San Juan Island, U.S

Glowing Beaches Across the world

Near the north bay shoreline to the east is Washington’s dreamy hidden beach. It looks like heaven on this glowing beach. The amazing starry effect produced by bioluminescent microorganisms can be seen best here. It is one of the most amazing glowing beaches in the world.

Kayaking is the best way to see San Juan Island. because it makes some of the best memories possible. One of the most stunning bioluminescent islands is here.

3. Halong Bay, Vietnam

Glowing Beaches Across the world

Halong Bay is a true traveler’s paradise. It is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and emerald-colored water. This bioluminescent effect is not the only thing that makes Halong Bay beautiful. From caverns to limestone islands, It has a great many spots to investigate.

Moreover, Halong Bay is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. You should go to this amazing location at night because the beauty is more apparent when the boats turn off their lights.

4. Ton Sai, Thailand

Bioluminescent Bays In The World

Ton sai is a must-see if you’re planning a trip to Thailand. Thailand’s Krabi is home to this magical location. Look at these amazing places to visit in Krabi. Ton Sai’s water has a glittering effect due to bioluminescent microorganisms. Make the enchanting scene of stars in your hand by holding some water.

In addition, don’t forget to snap some Instagram-worthy photos to remember your special occasion. Importantly, this beach is difficult to reach, so consider taking a boat.

5. Reethi beach, Maldives

Bioluminescent Bays In The World

Who doesn’t know about the splendor of the Maldives’ beaches? The best spot in the Indian Ocean to view this wonder is at the Reethi beach on Conrad Rangali island in the Maldives. If you want to feel the stars on your feet, take a stroll along the beach.

Additionally, visitors can swim through the beach to experience the world. Try going to Reethi Beach without the moonlight because that’s when it looks best.

6. Waitomo, New Zealand

Bioluminescent Bays In The World

The list of magical beaches now includes this unique addition. You are mistaken if you believe that bioluminescence is only found in water. Take a tour of the caves in Waitomo, New Zealand, if you don’t believe it. The glowing worms that can be found all over the cave contribute to the stunningly serene scene. You seem to be looking at the stars very closely.

7. Toyama beach, Japan

Bioluminescent Bays In The World

There is a wide range of water organisms that give a bioluminescence effect. Toyama beach is a wonderful place to look at the bioluminescent squids, called firefly squids. When millions of squids come to Toyama beach to drop their eggs, it causes one big light show.

People in japan love to come here to witness this amazing delightful view. One must visit this amazing place in Japan. Also, know about these 10 most exotic beautiful beaches in Itlay to visit in the summer season.

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