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Crazy Things to Do in Prague

Home to breathtaking castles and spires, Prague is full of many beautiful places to visit.  For culture vultures, this lovely city is an ideal vacation spot. Prague’s stunning architecture, history, art, and music make it a place straight out of a fairy tale.

No wonder why Prague is called “The heart of Europe”. It is one of the most visited cities in Europe. This dreamy destination is full of historic pubs, that would delight you with a completely different experience.

So, if you’re ready to fall in love with this magnificent city, here’s a complete travel guide to all the beautiful places to visit.

Best time to visit Prague

Best time to visit Prague

The spring season lasts from March to May in Prague. It is the best time to explore this fairy tale land with a sunny and cool temperature. Though, you require a light jacket as it is the low season with less crowded, you are going to enjoy the most.

Summer in Prague lasts from June to August. As It is the peak season of the year, Popular tourist destinations are fairly crowded. With moderate weather, September to October is the spring season in Prague.

Avoid going to Prague between November to February. However, Prague experiences cold winters during this time.

How to reach Prague

Many national and international airlines fly to Prague. You can also reach Budapest first and take a train to Prague. Try to plan your trip between March to May as the flights are cheaper during this time.

Get around in Prague

In Prague, there are numerous ways to get around. However, if you are on a budget trip, I recommend walking around the city and taking the trams.

  • By metro – Metro in Prague is a comfortable option to reach all the popular places. A day metro pass would cost you around 123CZK or a 3-day pass is 330CZK.
  • Taxis – Taxis fair starts from 40CZK with 24CZK for every additional kilometers.
  • Car rental –  If you are planning to visit places around Prague, a car rental is a convenient option. It would be around 450 CZK per day.
  • Bicycle– You can lose some calories and save some bucks simultaneously. Try cycling in Prague as it is a fun activity to do. price starts with 400 CZK for 24hrs.

Where to eat in Prague

Where to eat in Prague

The food prices outside Prague are much cheaper. If you are looking for cheap dining options in Prague then you must look for outdoor vendors.

Here is the list of must-try dishes in Prague.

  • Fazolova polevka– let’s start with the starters, this white bean soup is a popular Czech cuisine.
  • knedliky – This dish is made of bread and potato dumplings. It is the most common side dish in Prague
  • Uzené Maso–  If you are a fan of smoked meat then you must try this dish.
  • Ovocné Knedlíky – If you are looking for cool desert options you can try these sweet fruit dumplings.

Best places to visit in Prague

Prague, the ‘city of thousand spires’ is the center of major culture and history. This beautiful city is located in the heart of Europe and has so many pleasing places that you would love to visit at least once.

1. Prague Castle

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the largest medieval complex in the whole Europe. It is cities’ one of the most visited tourist places and also a UNESCO world heritage site. A must-visit recommended place in Prague.

This colossal castle is considered one of the most significant cultural monuments of the Czech Republic. Inside the breathtaking castle, you can look at art galleries, museums, churches and golden lane.

2. Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is an ancient gothic bridge which connects the lesser town with the old town. Situated at the river Vltava, this bridge offers a spectacular view of the gothic gates.

Try to visit this place here at night to witness the gorgeous sunset in Prague. Here you can buy cute things from souvenir vendors and enjoy your walk by looking at many artists and musicians.

3. Prague Astronomical Clock

places to visit in Prague

A fascinating mix of art, the oldest working astronomical clocks in the world are situated at the astronomical clock tower. As the name denotes this 600-year-old clock that shows the relative position of the sun, moon, zodiac constellates and planets.

The clock is also known as Orloj and has informational text in the background. It also has four statues dedicated to evil, vice and virtues.

4. St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus cathedral is visible from all around the city, just like the famous Eiffel tower in Paris. It is one of the richly endowed cathedrals of the city.

This beautiful structure has numerous colorful glass windows and three carved wooden doors. If you are a history lover, you should not miss out on the most popular Prague places to visit.

5. Prague Zoo

places to visit in Prague

Prague zoo is a valley of numerous animals and Indonesian jungles. The key feature of this zoo is, it has a children’s zoo where kids can pet and feed the animals. This activity is educational and tells people about the protection of wildlife.

You must visit this place with your kids and enjoy pony rides along with an opportunity to feed animals at Prague zoo.

Hotels to stay in Prague

A comfortable stay is very necessary for a successful trip. Visiting Prague is no less than a dream, so how can you miss out on the perfectly located hotels in the fairy tale land?

1. BoHo Prague Hotel

BoHo Prague Hotel

BoHo Prague hotel is a perfect luxurious hotel to stay in Prague. With a great atmosphere and energy, this wonderful hotel has all the amenities to comfort you.

It has modern, trendy and spacious rooms to enhance your experience. Start your day in Prague with a delicious breakfast at BoHo Prague hotel.

2. Three Crowns Hotel Prague

Three Crowns Hotel Prague

With spacious rooms and friendly staff, three crowns hotel offers you a hassle-free stay. The rooms here are with the facility of room heaters.

Enjoy your buffet breakfast including freshly baked bread and poached eggs with refreshing coffee.

3. Grandium Hotel Prague

Grandium Hotel Prague

A perfect location to access all the top spots of the town like the city centre area, old town square and some top restaurants.

Grandium hotel provides a comfortable stay to travellers with a good transport link to the airport.

4. The Gold Bank Hotel

The Gold Bank Hotel

This hotel is a perfect place for budget travellers with amazing value for money. Experience a comfy, cozy and clean stay at the gold bank.

You must stay at this hotel to visit all the popular places in Prague at the shortest distance.

5. Alveo Suites

Alveo Suites

Just 10 minutes away from the main square of the city. Located at a very convenient location, Alveo suites is very safe and comfortable for your comfy stay.

Even the train station is just a short walk away. All the facilities with three separate rooms and a cute kitchen make it a comfortable stay.

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