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Honeymoons 2021: Corona-Free Destinations You Can Escape Into

As travel continues to rest at a stand-still and travel companies advising travelers to visit near places, we are all forced to wonder what travel, adventure, and honeymoons will look like in the coming future.

We can not be very sure when it will be advisable and safe to plan a trip or honeymoon again; however, if you are planning your honeymoon in December, then here’s a good news, we have piled up some of the best honeymoon destinations that you can visit post Coronavirus.

Fortunately, the months from November to February offers some excellent choices for travel. Whether you are planning a break on the beach, a week in the snow, or a simple getaway, you won’t get disappointed. The Winter season brings the most, especially for the honeymooners.

So fret no more about your postponed honeymoon! Plan your honeymoon in any of the below-mentioned destinations for a magical and unforgettable experience.

Dreamy Destinations For Honeymooners:


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Googling for the perfect destination to impress your love life on a honeymoon trip is not always easy; however, a trip to Utah will do the magic. Utah is one of the most magical destinations to visit in the American west for your honeymoon. Utah is home to some of the most geologically striking and unique destinations for local travelers and honeymooners.

Cultural trips in this land introduce you to unique culinary treats and astonishing museums. The place has an abundance of fascinating towns that offer eye-catching attractions and romantic recreational activities for traveling couples. Each corner of the city oozes its own beauty to spark romance.


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Those seeking an escape from the chaos can count on visiting Hawaiian islands. The island consists of eight major islands. Hawaii is the best honeymoon destination for every type of honeymooner. 

Want romance in luxurious villas or looking for the lush rainforest? Visit Kauai. And if your partner is a beach person, take her/him to Maui. If you want you and your partner to have some time in isolation, prefer Molokini.


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For couples looking for a dreamy break where they can find endless fun and adventure, the islands of the Caribbean is where they need to go. Gloating adventurous watersports, wildlife, world-class resorts, beaches, and the friendliest pals.

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Talking about food,  Set your tastebuds ablaze with the vibrant cuisine of the Caribbean islands, makes this trip indeed a memorable one with your partner.

New Zealand

New Zealand
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With one of the most unique, diverse, and surreal landscapes around the world, New Zealand is the most desirable honeymoon destination. Boasts white sand beaches and crystal clear water for swimming, it’s a dreamy place for honeymooners. For adventure, go bungee jumping, hiking, and so on.

Swiss Alps

Swiss alps
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Some lovebirds pick a winter honeymoon destination that helps them go away from the freezing temperature, but for some, it’s all about making most of it. And for such couples, Switzerland is a must-visit destination.

While snowboarding and skiing are the most famous things to do in Swiss Alps, couples who do not in sporting can enjoy thermal spas, lake cruises, and idyllic villages.

Southern Thailand

Southern Thailand

For enjoying everything under one roof, one must prefer visiting Southern Thailand. Whether you are seeking a sand beach or a plush hotel, this place has got it all.

If you are seeking classic destinations to make your honeymoon more classic, Southern Thailand is what you should look for. It has all the classic attractions, from white sand beaches to diving on Koh Tao. The entire region is full of the fun nightlife and incredible food.


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Lapland is one of the best destinations to visit in winter. This snow-covered region is a stunning place for spending your honeymoon. With its stunning treehouses, igloo hotels, and fresh cocktail bars, the place is a heaven for honeymooners.

Indian Ocean Islands:

Indian Ocean Islands
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The most-visited hotspots for winter, These islands of the Indian Ocean, is sheer bliss for honeymooners who wish for nothing but relaxation. The place boasts the best 5-star resorts, white-meets beaches, and mouth-watering seafood. With seaplane trips, sunset cruises, fishing, snorkeling, whale watching, and diving, you undoubtedly won’t feel dull for a moment.


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Goa has been the go-to travel destination for ages. Whether you are looking for some beach-fun or nightlife with your partner, this place has a lot to offer. You will find the most stunning variety of beaches in Goa than any other corner in the world. The weather allows you to enjoy and bask in the sun in winter as well. 

On your honeymoon trip to Goa, you will enjoy the shacks in which you can eat and stay at extremely pocket-friendly prices. 


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Usually, newlyweds lookout for a destination covered with lush green forests, snow lakes, and mountains in order to spend the special time in the most beautiful way. And if you are looking for one such place, then fret no more about your honeymoon destination, and book your tickets to Himachal right away.

Situated in the lap of the Himalayas amidst forests of deodars and pines, Himachal is the most favourite hill station among couples. It is hallowed with natural beauty and some surreal places to visit. So, plan your trip to Himachal to relish your honeymoon period.

No matter you are honeymooning in winter or summer, there are always plenty of options for a snowy holiday, beach break, or a city trip, even when it’s so dark outside the window!

So, Do you have any other suggestions for a winter honeymoon? We’d love to hear them in the comment section below!

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