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Jamaica: A Premier Honeymoon Destination for Newlyweds

Spend the most beautiful moments with your better half in Jamaica, a premier honeymoon destination for newlyweds. A paradise for newlyweds couples who are seeking cozy resorts, exotic locations, sprawling beaches, and lots of unforgettable memories.

Jamaica, a Caribbean Island nation is the perfect honeymoon destination to experience an adrenaline-rushing couple of things with your spouse.

There are a lot of things to do in Jamaica or you can choose to do nothing at all, just relax on sandy beaches, enjoy some quality time with your bride and capture the perfect honeymoon clicks. So, here is a complete travel guide to answer all your questions.

Best Time for Newlyweds to Visit Jamaica for their Honeymoon

best time to visit jamica

The best time to plan a honeymoon trip to Jamaica is between January to April. These months are comparatively dry and relatively cool. Avoid planning your trip between June to November as it is the hurricane season. Always prefer to travel during the busiest season as you can access more of the islands.

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How much does a trip to Jamaica cost?

If you choose to stay in a hostel and cook your own food the average budget of a Jamaican trip is suggested to be 7000 JMD Per day. It will cost you 16,500 JMD per day if you stay in Airbnb and eat a few meals outside.

And if you are going for more luxury options then your average budget should be more than 30,000 JMD per day. it includes all the luxury trips and tours you would like to experience on your Jamaican trip.

Eating out in Jamaica

let’s start with the drinks, the average cost of a coffee in Jamaica is around 400 JMD, and a bottle of water is 100 JMD. If you prefer a beer then it would cost you the same as coffee.

The cuisine of Jamaica is a mix of numerous countries that have occupied the island over the years like Caribbean, African, and European flavours.

Goat curry, patties (a savory turnover), saltfish (dried and salted cod), and dumplings are a few popular dishes in Jamaica.

The average cost of a casual lunch at an inexpensive restaurant is around 700 JMD. and a three-course meal would cost you around 3,300 JMD.

How to reach Jamaica

Jamaica’s main airports are Norman Manley International Airport and Montego Bay International Airport. Flights to these airports are provided by United Airlines, American Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, Delta Airlines, and Bwia West Indies Airways, among others.

The average direct flight from India to Jamaica takes 31h 36m and covers 15263 km. With an average flight time of 32h 13m, the most popular route is Mumbai-Montego Bay.

How to Travel Around in Jamaica

The transport network of Jamaica is flexible and cheap. You can get around Jamaica with a variety of means of transport according to your budget.

  • Buses and minibus charges around 100-170 JMD.
  • Taxis charge around 400 JMD per kilometre.
  • You can rent a car for 5,700 JMD per day. For a rental car, all you need is an International Driving Permit (IDP).
  • Scooter rental would cost you around 4,500-7,500 JMD per day. you can get this service from Montego Bay, Negril, and Ocho Rios.
  • Though cycling is not the safest option on Jamaican roads. if you choose to rent a bicycle it would cost you around 3,000 JMD per day.

Things to do in Jamaica

Jamaica is a haven of hidden beauty, full of so many diverse terrains you can explore with your mate. It is known for its lush forest, hidden beaches, wildlife reserves, and beautiful mountains. Save yourself from that instant googling of where to go? What to do? Nearby best places to visit? Scroll down to look at all the adventurous things you can do on your Jamaican trip.

1. Climb to Dunn’s river falls

Many travellers come to Jamaica to witness the unique charm of Dunn’s river falls. It is 1000 feet high and has terraced-like steps. Dunn’s river fall is known as a living and growing phenomenon as it has to ability to regenerate itself through deposits of travertine rock.

Dunn’s river falls should be a must-visit place in your itinerary. challenge yourself and climb to the top.

2. Take a ride in the Bobsled at Mystic Mountain

Bobsled at Mystic Mountain

Bobsled ride is an adventurous ride of 1000 meters through the rainforests. It is one of the main attractions of Jamaica, inspired by the famous Jamaica bobsled Olympic team this ride is full of so many twists and turns. This ride is a totally different experience for roller coaster lovers.

3. Scuba diving at the Caribbean sea

Caribbean sea

Caribbean sea is as beautiful as the Caribbean island. Whether you are above the ground or deep in the sea the beauty is always breathtaking.

Scuba diving on the Caribbean island is a totally different experience, looking at the beautiful corals, lovely fishes and shipwrecks is amazing.

You can rent out your scuba diving equipment from anywhere. Don’t forget to capture the marine life of the Caribbean with your waterproof camera.

4. Swim the Blue Hole

the Blue Hole

The blue hole is the hidden gem of Jamaica, a place where to can observe nature closely. It is located in the hills of Ocho Rios. A perfect place to admire the lush greenery, swim in the crystal clear water and take memorable pictures with your better half to remember this Jamaican honeymoon.

5. Visit Bob Marley Museum

Bob Marley Museum

This museum is dedicated to the late Reggae star, Bob Marley. it is the residence of the famous musician turned into a museum.

It is one of the top attractions of the island and definitely the coolest place to visit for music lovers. You can see here the gold and platinum record of Marley, his guitar beside the bed and what would be more thrilling than exploring his residence.

Things to Do in Jamaica on your Honeymoon

Planning a Jamaican trip requires careful attention to detail. So, here is the list of all the top romantic things that you love to do on your Jamaican honeymoon with your better half.

Relax on the Beach

honeymoon in jamica

Pristine white sand and clear blue water is the most defining feature of Jamaican beaches. A prime location to spend some quality time with your better half while gazing at the endless sea. Jamaica is an exotic honeymoon location for newlyweds.

You can witness here the last gasp of beauty before the death of the day with your partner. The most famous seven-mile beach in Negril is perfect for a romantic walk with your mate.

Explore Doctor Cave Beach

Jamaica a Honeymoon Destination For newlyweds

Doctor’s Cave Beach is popular in Jamaica located in Montego Bay. It is famous for its magnificent corals, cozy atmosphere, and calm seashore. It is a perfect location to spend some good time with your partner away from the chaos of life.

Here, you can participate in a variety of activities, including swimming, snorkeling with your partner, and exploring the stunning corals. After living it up on this wonderful ocean side, you can go for little binge shopping or have an espresso at neighboring bistros.

Couples Spa and Massage

spa in Jamica

The mind-melting spa and massage are unrivalled. What’s more, a back rub in Jamaica following a long and tiring day is all you wanted.

The best and most skilled masseuse at Jamaica Spa can pamper you and your partner. They offer the best honeymoon massage packages to couples. You have the option of getting a massage indoors or outdoors, feeling the warmth of the sun on your body.

Horse Riding in Jamaica

honeymoon in jamica

Riding a horse on the shoreline on your honeymoon while gazing at the sun dipping down the horizon with your spouse, what could be more romantic than this? Horse riding on Jamaican beaches is a completely different experience. You can book a horse-riding tour at various times of the day.

Romantic Dinner on the Beach

Jamaica a Honeymoon Destination For newlyweds

A heartfelt supper on the oceanfront with your significant other while partaking in the mitigating sound of the sea behind the scenes is an ideal date to design. This amazing dinner idea will blow your spouse away.

Jamaican resorts assist newlyweds in creating the ideal evening and spending some time alone. On your honeymoon in Jamaica, don’t forget to make reservations for a romantic dinner.

Relax in the Natural Jacuzzi of Jamaica

The natural jacuzzi at Mayfield Falls is best known for its soothing atmosphere. Newlyweds who enjoy quiet settings for meditation and enjoyment must visit Mayfield Falls. This premier honeymoon destination can amaze you with many amazing things you can enjoy with your partner.

Top Honeymoon Resorts in Jamaica for Newlyweds

A comfortable stay is all a honeymoon couple needs. Jamaica has so many amazing resorts to choose from that it can be difficult. Therefore, the filtered list of the best resorts in Jamaica is provided here.

1. Sandal Resorts

resort in Jamica

Nestling on 500 acres, Sandal South Coast is the most popular resort for newlyweds. Staying in its overwater bungalows is no less than a dream. The main attraction is its overwater bar, romantic overwater chapel, and soothing beachfront view.

Sandal south resorts are perfect for newlyweds as it offers an excellent spa, stunning overwater swimming pool, luxurious amenities, and amazing free honeymoon packages.

2. Round Hill Hotels and Villas

Jamaica a Honeymoon Destination For newlyweds

Round hill hotels and villas is a luxurious property with authentic Jamaican hospitality. Its private exotic ocean villas are perfect for a honeymoon couple to stay.

It offers you luxury villas, oceanfront boutique rooms, seafront dining, and a mind-melting spa. Perfect for newlyweds to spend the best moments on their honeymoon.

3. Sunset Beach Resort

Jamaica a Honeymoon Destination For newlyweds

We always want to spend more on exploring than staying when we plan a trip, even a honeymoon. If you want to stay in a resort that is both affordable and luxurious then Sunset Beach Resort is all you are looking for.

This lovely resort fits your budget and has everything you need, including a lovely private beach.

4. Melia Jamaica Braco Village All Inclusive

resort in Jamica

A four-pearl oceanfront all-inclusive resort offers you many such on-site facilities that make your honeymoon trip unforgettable.

The resort has a lot to offer, including a full-service spa, cool nightclubs, Beachside parties, Caribbean cocktails, and local cuisine. Make sure to try its renowned Jerk Chicken with your partner.

5. The Cliff Hotel

Jamaica a Honeymoon Destination For newlyweds

Honeymoon destinations in Jamaica undoubtedly give the most memorable experience to newlyweds couples. Always prefer to stay somewhere you like. There are 22 suites and 4 private villas on the five-acre cliff hotel.

It has a bar of the highest possible quality, a yoga pavilion, a fitness center, a beauty salon, a saltwater pool, and a spa. A wonderful location for spending the best, most peaceful moments with your partner.

People Also Ask

1. Is Jamaica good for couples?

Jamaica is a well-known honeymoon destination for newlyweds. Its wide selection of beautiful adults-only resorts is what makes it a popular choice for newlyweds. It is a romantic destination to experience all the couple things with your mate.

2. Is Jamaica a romantic country?

Jamaica is a great destination to experience all kinds of romance with your partner. From a romantic beach walk on Negril to Bamboo Rafting at Martha Brae River Jamaica offers you a variety of romantic activities that you can enjoy with your better half.

3. Is Jamaica cheaper than America?

Jamaica is surely cheaper than America. the cost of living in Jamaica is 26.20% lower as compared to the USA. The cost of living on rent in Jamaica is on average 71.14 % lower than in America.

4. What are the best honeymoon resorts in Jamaica?

Jamaica is full of beautiful and exotic resorts. You can choose any of them according to your budget and demand. The most luxurious resort in Jamaica is the beautiful Sandal resort. There are a total of 7 Sandal resorts, and each has its own personality.

5. How much does a honeymoon cost in Jamaica?

The average cost for newlyweds to have a honeymoon in Jamaica is between $5000 to $8000.  It can go from $2000 to $40,000 depending on your choice. The range of affordable resorts starts from $169/night and luxury overwater bungalows cost over $1000/night.

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