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No Janmashtami Celebrations This Year; Vibrant Cultural Explorations You Will Be Missing

India is one of the best places to visit for cultural and religious explorations. While there are numerous festivals here that attract tourists from all over the world, Janmashtami is certainly the most important.

Although this year the pandemic may not let you enjoy the lively Janmashtami celebrations, we thought of discussing some of the best places to visit in India during this time. Read further to know where in India, will you find the most colorful celebrations for Janmashtami.

Best Places To Visit In India On Janmashtami

Featuring rigorous prayers, numerous rituals, and colorful decorations, Janmashtami is one of the major days in Hindu culture. This is an auspicious day in every home However, there are a few cities that make this celebration an internationally popular event.

1. Mathura

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Being the birthplace of Lord Krishna, it is obvious that celebrations in Mathura are full of life, joy, and vibrant activities. You can see a great zest for Janmashtami celebrations among the people of Mathura. Celebrations here take place in two different segments. One is Jhulanotsav and the other Ghatas.

During Jhulanotsav, people put swings in their homes for Lord Krishna. Krishna idols are then bathed in curd, ghee, milk, and honey; decorated with beautiful ornaments and clothes and placed on the swings. This is also done across all the temples. As per Ghatas, all the temples in Mathura are decorated according to the same color theme to mark this day.

Mathura holds on to many beautiful Krishna temples including the ISCON temple that is popular tourist attractions here. The Raas Leela with excellent dance-drama performances is worth witnessing. These showcase different phases of Lord Krishna’s life. Mathura Peda and other delicious delicacies are famous in the city.

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2. Vrindavan

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Situated around 15 kilometers from Mathura, Vrindavan is the place where Krishna is believed to grow up. It is believed that in the forests here, Lord Krishna performed Raas Leela with Radha and other gopis. Janmashtmi celebrations begin 10 days earlier in Vrindavan. You can feel the same zest here like Mathura with all those colorful activities and rituals. The entire city is beautifully decorated and lighted up.

On this occasion, you should consider visiting The Govind Dev temple, known to be one of the oldest shrines in Vrindavan. Also visit Nidhi Van, which has a sacred Krishna Temple and is surrounded by Basil trees or Vana Tulsi. Vrindavan is home to more than 4000 temples including the ISCKON Temple, Ranganathji temple, and Radharaman Temple. Janmashtami is celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm here.

3. Gokul

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Krishna was believed to be taken to Gokul immediately after his birth in Mathura. It is the place where he spent his childhood with his adopted parents Yashoda and Nand. Mathura-Vrindavan-Gokul is an important trio related to Krishna’s life and a perfect trip during Janmashtami in India. It is not only the place where you will learn love, life, devotion but also where you will explore the best of traditions, culture, and hospitality.

Janmashtami here is celebrated one day after the rest of the country and is known as Gokulashtami. Nandotsava or Dadhikana is popularly celebrated here on this occasion. People drench each other with turmeric and curd to express their joy.

Radha Damodar and the Radha Raman temple are the most prominent pilgrimage centers here. Gokul is famous among tourists for its rustic charm. It is one of the best places to visit in India to know the rural and traditional life in the country.

4. Dwarka

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One among the Char Dhams (four sacred pilgrimage centers), Dwarka has great religious significance. It is one of the seven ancient religious Indian cities. Dwarka is believed to be the first capital of Gujarat. It is identified as Lord Krishna’s Kingdom and his dwelling place after he left Mathura.

As per legends, the original Dwarka submerged into the sea after Krishna’s death. This city has been rebuilt six times. There are month-long rituals here for the Janmashtami celebration. You can participate in dance performances and prayer sessions.

The Dwarkadhish Temple with a spire and 60 carved columns is an important attraction here. It is one of the most marvelous religious architectures in India. You may further head out to the Rukmini temple, dedicated to Shri Krishna’s wife. Bet Dwarka is another important place you must not miss. It is were Shri Krishna died.

Apart from ancient temples, you will enjoy exploring the beaches in Dwarka. You can go scuba diving to witness the underwater beauty of the place. Also, go shopping for some local textiles and handcrafted items.

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5. Udupi, Karnataka

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Popular for its cuisines, Udupi is the place where the Sri Krishna Mutt is located. There is a prominent Krishna temple, appreciated for its astonishing architecture and beautiful location. The deity here is placed on a golden chariot, surrounded by eight monasteries.

During Janmashtami, great cultural and artistic finesse could be seen in Udupi. There skits, dancing, and singing performances, and Raas Leela is performed on various streets.
Clay idols are taken for a round in the city with joyful devotees. It includes puppetry troupes and Yakshagana performances. It is an important cultural event in Udupi.

While you are in Udupi, you cannot afford to miss the local cuisine here. This innovative cuisine is based on the different seasonal items available during the months. You can taste these special delicacies at Krishna Mutt, free of cost. There are other important attractions including St. Mary’s island, Kapu Beach, and the Kudu Falls.

6. Kerala

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God’s Own Country is one of the most important tourist destinations in India. Its spellbinding beauty of lush green hills and serene backwaters is absolutely tempting. Apart from natural attractions, Kerala is home to some of the best temples in India.

During Janmashtami, the Guruvayoor temple remains in the spotlight. There’s an iconic Krishna idol in the temple. It is believed to be the form of Shri Krishna that his parents Devki and Vasudev saw at the time of his birth. You will witness a grand scale Janmashtami celebration in Kerala.

The golden Krishna idol is taken for a round with decorated elephants, dance, and music performances, creating a great cultural scene. While you are here so not miss the local delicious food. Explore the backwaters of Alleppy or set off to Munnar amid the verdant surroundings and expansive tea plantations.

7. Manipur

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Manipur is one of the most beautiful and lesser-explored places in India. It is a sheer delight for off-beat travelers. Krishna Janma or Janmashtami is a special occasion here too. Surprisingly, a grand celebration is held here during this time. The popular Mahabali temple remains a must-visit here. With a long history of Vaishnavism in Manipur, Krishna is worshiped as the eighth incarnation of Vishnu.

Witness the local traditional and cultural dance and arts performances here. There are numerous Krishna Temples and natural attractions in Manipur. Do not miss them.

Even if you may not be able to visit these places this year, we hope that next time when you do, you live the best experiences of your life.

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