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Top 13 wonderful places to visit in Punjab

Punjab is popularly known as the land of five rivers.  It is located in the northwestern part of India.  Not only this the land is also famous for its religious diversity.

The rich history, scenic landscape as well as famous religious sites become the main reason to visit Punjab. Here are some of the places that are the most popular places in Punjab to visit on vacations.

Most beautiful places in Punjab

1. Harmandir Sahib / Golden Temple, Amritsar

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It is the holiest Gurdwara of Sikhism. The fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan, designed the Harmandir Sahib to be built in the center of this holy tank, and upon its construction, installed the Adi Granth, the holy scripture of Sikhism, inside the Harmandir Sahib.

The construction of Harmandir Sahib was intended to build a place of worship for men and women from all walks of life and all religions to come and worship God equally.

2. Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar

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The 6.5-acre garden site of the massacre is located in the vicinity of the Golden Temple complex. It houses a memorial of national importance, established in 1951 by the Government of India, to commemorate the massacre of peaceful celebrators, including unarmed women and children by British forces. It’s one of the top tourist attractions in Punjab.

3. Durgiana Temple, Amritsar

Durgiana Temple, Amritsar
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It is also known by other names of Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Durga Tirath and Sitla Mandir is a premier Hindu temple of Punjab.

Though a Hindu temple, its architecture is similar to the Golden Temple of Sikh religion. The original temple is reported to have been built in the 16th century. It was rebuilt in 1921 by Guru Harsai Mal Kapoor in the architectural style of the Sikh Golden Temple.

3. Harike wetland and bird sanctuary

Harike wetland and bird sanctuary
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It is also known as “Hari-Ke-Pattan”, with the Harike Lake in the deeper part of it, is the largest wetland in northern India. The Punjab Government has introduced in December 2016 an amphibious bus to see the Harike wetland close up, this venture is named Harike Cruise.

4. Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple, Pathankot

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It is a popular shrine of Lord Shiva. There are some caves which date to the time of the Mahabharata. According to a legend, the Pandavas stayed in those caves for a night during their exile (Agayatwas).

5. Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum, Ludhiana

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The Museum displays objects connecting to Maharaja Ranjit Singh such as arms and armor, outstanding paintings and centuries-old coins, manuscripts, and jewelry. A huge gallery displays various uniforms of the British era Indian army; air force and navy.

The Kargil section has complete information about the Kargil war with a brief history of Kargil, Masokh Valley, Kaksar, etc. This Museum is a tribute to all those lives that were lost for a noble cause.

6. Qila Mubarak, Bathinda

Qila Mubarak, Bathinda
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It is a part of the Bathinda Fort. It was earlier called kuchi-Garhi or mud fort. The structure was later given a massive artistic touch. When Babur came to India for the first time, he came here with cannons.

Four of them are here in this fort that is made up of an alloy of silver, gold, copper, and iron. It’s one of the best places to visit in Punjab.

7. Bhatinda

Bathinda, the city of lakes is a simple town, which is still one of the historical places in Punjab which you can not afford to miss. There are various notable sights in the city which have developed on a larger scale in the state, from thermal plants to AIIMS and the Central University of Punjab. The city tells the mythological stories of the past as the relics are standing here as the evidence.

The famous rulers like Mahmud of Ghazni, Muhammad Gori, and Prithvi Raj Chauhan fought the war and ruled the city in that ancient era. It is one of the best places to visit in Punjab with your family members.

Nearby Attractions: Rose Garden, Qila Mubarak, and Jogger’s Park

8. Patiala

The fourth largest city in the state is Patiala, where you see a list of beautiful places in Punjab. It is also called the City of Newspapers, and the monuments here exhibit a mixture of different architectural styles like Mughal, Rajput and of course Punjab.

You will find a bulk of places to visit in Patiala in Punjab. If you are a history lover, then this city will certainly not disappoint you. Patiala is also an option for those travelers who want to buy authentic Punjabi items such as parandas, juttis, and more.

Nearby Attractions: Bahadurgarh Fort, Moti Bagh Palace, Mubarak, Sheesh Mahal, Kali Mata Mandir, Qila

9. Kapurthala

One of the less-popular places to visit in Punjab, Kapurthala is known as the Paris of Punjab, due to its interesting architectural landscape. Most of the sites here are built in the styles of French and Indo-Saracen architecture. There are also appealing legends that you can learn about during your visit to the city. For anyone who wishes to explore a city with beautiful architecture, Kapurthala is not less than any treasure!

Nearby Attractions: Elysee Palace, Jagatjit Palace, Moorish Mosque, Kanjli Wetland, Shalimar Gardens

10. Pathankot

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Punjab, Pathankot shares its boundary with Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. The place is adorned with lush vegetation, the cherry on the top is when the city looks just beyond stunning in the monsoon season. Along with its lovely landscape, the town is well-known for its history too.

Pathankot is also a major railhead to numerous nearby cities in Himachal such as Dalhousie.

Nearby Attractions: Kathgarh Temple, Nurpur Fort, Mukteshwar Temple, Ranjit Sagar Dam, Shahpurkandi Fort

11. Nangal

Nangal is one of the best offbeat destinations in Punjab. It’s located in the Roopnagar’s district of Punjab. The place is an ideal one-day escape point from Chandigarh. The Bhakra Nangal Dam is right here, where you can celebrate your picnic. Witness the exotic Shivalik Hills from this point. Take the pleasure in sunny winter noon in the Satluj Park and celebrate the glorious 500 years of Sikh history at Virasat-e-Khalsa.

Nearby Attractions: Satluj Park, Bhakra Nangal Dam, Virasat-e–Khalsa, Nangal wetlands, Sheetla Devi Temple

12. Ropar

If you are looking for places to travel near Jalandhar, Punjab, then Ropar is a nearby one. Also, known as Roopnagar, Ropar is an ancient city in Punjab that is renowned for its remains from Harappan civilization. The place is historically and the culturally rich Indian state, which you’ll see in Ropar.

Nearby Attractions: Anandpur Sahib, Jatweshwar Mahadev Temple, Ropar Wetland.

13. Wagah Border

Wagah Border is the only border road which crosses between Indian and Pakistan. Oftentimes, known as the Berlin wall of Asia, this border is present on the Grand Trunk Road in between Amritsar and Lahore. Since 1959, every evening at this border, a retreat ceremony, known as the ‘lowering of the flags’ is held. At the time of the ceremony, Border Security Force (B.S.F) of India and Pakistan Soldiers perform lively and full of life parade.

The ceremony takes place for 40 to 45 minutes, right before sunset at the Attari Wagha Border. As the sun falls behind the horizon, the iron gate opens at the border, and the Indian and Pakistanis flags are lowered and folded by their respective commandoes.

The ceremony here ends with a handshake between the soldiers of both the countries. The border opens from 10 am and 4 pm, while the ceremony of the flag down takes place at 4:30 pm. It ends with the national anthem at 5:00 pm.

Nearby Attractions: Navi Dhana Mandir, lubkush mandir mata lalji, Sri Krishna Mandir, Pentacostal Church, mate chint puri temple, mata kaulan botanical green park, Sarkaria Palace, Gobindgarh Fort, srinand pur satsang mandir, Paigaam Palace.

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